Import and export JGP or GIF pics!

How to import and export JPG or GIF pics into Navision Attain 3.xx. Please HELP !!

Run Form 6220 Picture Card, chose Picture, Import… The picture are stored in table Picture. NOte that you only can shov BMP pictures inside Attain. Product Manager

I find a way to import pics (non BMP pics) in Navision and view them in a form, but the problem still remains the export. I tried in several ways, but with no success. Has somebody any idea ??

I forget to tell, that I could export the picture with BLOOB.EXPORT function, but the picture is exportet in BMP format and the file is unusable.

Whatever you import into a BLOB field on a record can be exported again to a file without any loose of data or format. If you store onto a BLOB a .jpg, a .doc or a .bmp is the same for Navision, and you can export it again just by exporting to the proper filename (the usual way is to keep the name of the file on a text field with the BLOB field). The only difference is that on standard navision you can only use the .bmp files imported onto BLOB fields to be shown on forms (unless you use other tricks) as .BMP is the only format it recognizes on showing the images. Regards, Alfonso Pertierra (Spain)

Hello, If you are looking for an “out of the box” answer, you could get the Matriks Document Management Tool for Navision - This allows you to store many different files within Navision including GIFs & JPEGs. This is available for both Navision Financials (2.00 onwards) & Attain. Unfortunatley, to view a file, Matriks will fire up an appropriate external program, rather than a Navision form, but most users don’t find this a problem. Hope this is of help! -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited Edited by - EBloom on 2002 Jun 26 10:13:16