Implementing Nav2013

We are in the process of implementing NAV2013. We have had a very difficult time with our customized forms (invoices, credit memos, statements, purchase orders etc.) The process was long and cumbersome. Has anyone else experienced any amount of unusual difficulty in creating their forms?


Since forms can no longer be used in NAV 2013 (they have been replaced by pages), then I assume you do not mean forms. And either you mean that the process of transforming forms into pages is difficult. Or that you mean it’s difficult to create document reports.

Because then I do agree. NAV 2013 is a great system. But the report designer is not as easy to use as the old classic report designer. It takes a long time and lots of training before it gets easier. The first time I upgraded a sales invoice from classic to NAV 2009 RTC it took me almost 30 hours! Now I can usually do it in less than 10. But it’s often easier to recreate the customized report, than to upgrade/transform it.

But the report designer is not all bad. For normal (non document reports like invoices and orders) you can really create some very advanced and great reports. In a way it was not possible in the old classic report designer.