Implementing NAV in a startup without a partner

Is it feasible to implement Dynamics NAV without a Microsoft Partner? From what I’ve read, implementation is split between the customer-side and partner-side.

I have the MSDN licence, which I plan to use for now, and then only acquire the full-license from a partner, once everything is implemented.

Hi Alex,

If you already have plenty ERP systems experience or if you already know NAV and you don’t need any customizations (including no report changes). And if you have in-house IT specialists (for installation etc.) or get the full installation hosted externally, then I would say go for it. Otherwise then I would say no.

I’m not saying that you’re not going to call your partner quite a few times during the implementation process. Because I think that you will. But assuming that you can use the “standard” Cronus setup, then you should be able to get very far. But I suggest that you go study the RapidStart tools when it comes to creating a new empty company and a test/training system.