Implementing D365 F&O and I'm wondering if it is recommended to use a third-party software for Accounts Payable?

We are going to be moving to D365 F&O next year and I’m trying to decide if we want to use the out of the box solution for AP or do we use a third-party? We process over 350k invoices per year. Currently half our invoices have PO’s the other are non-PO and are routed for coding and approval. From what I’ve seen, we are unable to route non-Po invoices to be coded, they must be coded beforehand and only approved. There is a good chance that all purchases will require a PO in the future. I’ve heard there is a feature where vendors can send PO’s over, directly to Dynamics and if it matches it would be ready to pay, but I haven’t seen or heard anything like that from our implementation group. That would be nice if AP didn’t have to touch invoices with PO’s, that match, other than making the payment.

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