Implementing AX/D365 with internal team

Has anyone implemented AX where they have assembled a largely internal team, and minimised partner consulting requirements?

If so, how did it work out?

Is anyone in the process of implementing D365 for Ops & Finance currently?

I’ve seen a few implementations with an internal team, but all I have to say is pretty obvious. Customers usually aren’t involved in AX implementations, therefore they don’t have people experienced in this area and they have to hire them from outside. Finding a partner is easier than hiring individuals and building a team from them, but if you’re willing to invest to it (e.g. because you see it as a safer option), it’s definitely possible. Note that because customers don’t have experience with AX, they usually lack the knowledge to identify good team members, therefore they should hire somebody who will help them to build the team.
If you have a good team available, it works fine, if not, the result obviously isn’t good either. But it doesn’t matter too much whether the team is employed by yourself or by another company. The problem with partners sometimes is that they have some good people, but you can’t be sure that they’ll be assigned to or stay on your project. This can be dealt with in contracts, though.

Many people are now involved in implementations of AX 7.

More time & cost goes into the project, depends upon the company that wants to invest in training the internal teams & understanding the challenges they have to take-on during the implementations.