Implementation Qution

Can some one tell me how do you implement Navision Attain for a Manufacturing company without the Manufacturing Module. i.e. how do you consume raw material and how to you admit new stocks into warehouse. Please help Farayi

If they are a true manufacturing company it will be painful because of the controls not in place on stock, but if you have not got the modules you could use the BOM joutnals or the inventory journals to issue and receive stock to indicate the process of production. Far too many implications to give a correct answer from the information given, but good luck! [:D]

The best way to implement manufacturing without the Manufacturing Granule, is to buy the Manufacturing Granule … right.[?]

No argument from this corner David [:D]

Thanks guys! I have managed to devise a work around with item journal - negative and positive adjustments to do consumption and ouput journal. Any indepth literature on BOM journal SBWEARER? I would be grateful Best regards, Farayi

Hi Farayi I have no documentation but the steps are pretty simple. Create an inventory BOM from the item card with the required components for the parent item. Go into the BOM journal option Specify the parent quantity made and post the journal. The parent will be updated from the quantity in the journal, and the components will be downdated by the relevant quantity calculated from the parent quantity and the quantity per for the parent. You are not using serial numbers are lots are you? (It does not work!) Have fun [:D]

hai all, my question is similar to that of Farayi’s question, i would like to know how to manage purchases and sales if i don’t want to use the inventory module. i want to know how we are going to assign a particular purchase order to a particular sales order (as it is necessary for control purpose). ex: if i am using inventory module, while entering a new sales order i will select item as type in sales order line and use the drop shipment option to relate it to a particular purchase order. however if i am using g/l account as item type(since i am not using inventory module), i will not be able to use the drop shipment facility. is there any feature available in Navision so that i can relate a purchase order to a sales order , if this option is not available, can it be possible by customization. thanks for the help! with regards, pavan

Just buy the Inventory Granule.

Nice one line answers. Simple, yet effective… I love it! Anywho, yes, it’s definately do-able with customization. Not that bad of the modification, I might add.

Alex don’t encourage them. Basic Inventory and Drop Shipment granules are only a measly $600 each. .

Thanks Bill, that’s it exactly. It is silly to waste time devloping what already exists. Octagonal wheels may look cool on other peoples cars, but I will go out and buy round ones for mine. Pavan, if you don’t want to use base functionality, then your best solution would be to start with Assembler and start coding from there.

thanks for your valuble suggestions david & alex

Hi Bill, I agree, I shouldn’t be encouraging them… Just answering the question… tis all…

Hi, This is with regard to Managing the manufacturing activities without having implemented Manufacturing module. The best available option, as I feel is, BOM journal. You can post both the consumption(of components) and Output(Finished Item) simultaneously, using BOM jounral. However, to avail the above facility, you need to define the finished item as BOM with the components as subassemblies. Additional cost(other than that of the components) if any, can be accounted by using the fields such as indirect cost, overhead cost. Regards. Kashinath

It’s the age old balance of labor vs capital. When labor is cheap, then it is used; when capital is cheap then that’s what is used. In my part of the world labor is expensive and capital is cheap, so we buy granules. In other parts of the world, labor is much less expensive. What one needs to be careful of, even then, is to account for the total cost of the labor required to compensate for the knowledge that is embedded in the software that the capital would purchase. Just my humble opinion.