'Implementation project' and 'Roll-out project'

Kindly differentiate ‘Implementation project’ and ‘Roll-out project’ in AX with good example.

Please give us some context of what you mean. Unfortunately your short sentence doesn’t explain much and you haven’t attached any tags, not even the version of AX.

Do you mean projects on LCS?

I’m sorry for your incontinence,
I’m an AX technical consultant, i have been familiar with AX-2012. I would like to know the exact difference between implementation projects and roll-out project in AX world. What we use to do in that both projects.
Please correct me, If any error.

Well, it depends on what you mean by “implementation” and “roll-out”.
For me, rolloput is a project phase, not a type of a project, therefore the comparison doesn’t make sense for me. But other people might tell you different things, depending on how they use these words in their environment.

Thank you for your kind response…
Could you please tell me the types of projects in Microsoft dynamics ax. How to differentiate?

I see a roll out as a phase or a project, where you have multiple companies, say geographically around the world the implementation project would initially focus on one, whilst the program would look at all and this would encompass a roll out project to the other countries, but then both would sit under the umbrella of an implementation or roll out.

Ignore the software, the project type is not driven by the software you are implementing, the project is driven by what the customer wants to achieve and how they want to achieve it. You can see references to sprint, waterfall, big bang, phased, template, upgrade, re-implementation etc.

That’s a completely open question. You can categorize projects in infinite number of ways (small/big, new/upgrade, successful/disastrous…) and you can make up any new types as you like. It’s all about the purpose of the classification.

Hey Sekhar,

You might take a look at SureStep to understand how Microsoft segments out the different types of products.


Go to “Additional resources”–>“Guidance on project type selection”


Jake is right to have a look at Sure Step. Per Microsoft’s implementation methodology there are 5 different project types. Standard, Rapid, Enterprise, Agile, and Upgrade. Have a look at Sure Step and it will help you determine which kind of project you have on your hands and how to differentiate. The basics of the projects are the same, but details change as each project has different goals.

Keep in mind, and as Martin mentions, LCS also has a simplified version of Sure Step in choosing which project type you want. Does this mean that Sure Step will go away or change fundamentally? Who knows.

Lastly I’ll say that rarely do projects perfectly fit into one type of project per the Sure Step model. Even the stand alone “Upgrade” project might have some custom development (to build new or deprecate old mods) handled with a few sprint cycles using Agile methodology.

:slight_smile: I like the reference to LCS and “simplified version of Sure Step” if you look at the published methodology I am not sure what it is, but it is not a reflection of the old master flow of Sure Step. I am also aware MS themselves do not use Sure Step, but it is the methodology they say is best practice for the partners (one they dont use and have not written into the methodology of LCS!!)

Steve, I agree LCS isn’t anything like Sure Step. Was just referencing it in context of the different implementation projects types. Maybe I confused the discussion by bringing it up. Sure Step and it’s effectiveness and how to use it could take up a whole forum itself! I agree, I’ve worked with several people at Microsoft who say they do not use it. Also I’ve tried to find the originators of Sure Step to help update sections to no avail. Several partners out there say they started Sure Step and gave it to Microsoft. The folklore will continue for ages I suspect.

And for those still paying attention I’ll note that LCS likes to name drop Sure Step from time to time. Notice the two references at the bottom of the canned methodologies LCS ships with currently: