Implementation Form (Form 8600) In NAV 5 SP1 vanished?

Hi , I just tested Nav 5 SP 1

so… before that i usually using nav 4 SP 3

but how to get the Implementation form (Form 8600) like in Nav 4 Sp 3?


or… does anybody know how to export file to excel ?


From the ToolBar - Go to Tools → Object Designer. Select Form then search for 8600 - Implementation.

Hope this helps.


In Nav 5 SP 1 there is no form 8600

From 8006 Notification Log Entries direct to Form 8610 Setup Questionnaire

This functionality was removed in 5.0 version. Try to export objects related to Implementation from 4.03 and import them into 5.0. I suppose this functionality is not cross-linked and can successfully be imported in 5.0.


This has been replaced with the Data Migration form (8614) Administration → Application Setup → Company Setup

Dave , I Already check the Data Migration form (8614)

but after I export data to excel it just only 1 column

how can I get to export and import file like that?


You need to specify the column to export/import in the Migration → Migration Fields

Personnally I prefer the older RIM Mapping form.

it seems like better the previous implementation form (NAV 4) I think

If we want to migrate… from Nav 3.7 to be Nav 5 SP 1

do you have simple way to do that?


You should be using the upgrade toolkit for this.

owww ok Dave

thanks a lot !