Implementation Checklist for Attain?

I have an old financials implementation checklist for 2.60. Does anyone know if this has been upgraded for Attain (dimensions, posting groups, tax posting changes) etc. etc. etc. There have been so many changes, it would be nice to find this if it exists. thanks in advance.

Hi S…, In the ‘new’ OnTarget Methodology there are many templates and checklists, try to see if there is anything that you can use. /Sven

Thanks for the response Sven, but can you help me find this doc? Is it on the Partners Network? FTP Site? I did a search on the Partner Network, and well…that just never seems to pick up any Navision links for me. thanks again.

Hi, I new that there was a FTP site for Navision, something like Does anybody know the new address?

Https:// to login here use your PartnerSource username and password (IF you don’t have the password check with your PartnerGuide administrator).

As far as I know there is no checklist in the Navision On Target documents. But don’t you mean the `Setup checklist’ under the menu Financial Setup?