I'm confused about sales order,invoice,journal.....

Hello everyone,

I want to make some confirm …please let me know I’m right or wrong, thank you.

I think we got 3 ways to make a receipt, is it like following:

[Sales Order(unposted)->Sales Order(Posted) ] => receipt journal(unposted)

[Sales Invoice(unposted)->Sales Invoice(Posted) ] => receipt journal(unposted)

[Sales Journal(unposted)->Sales Journal(Posted)] => receipt journal(unposted)

Did you mean “shipment”?

Sales Order creates Shipments, Purchase Order - Receipts. Besides, last step in all 3 your sequences is not applicable anyway, even if you post only “Invoice” and no Receipt/Shipment in PO/SO. To Receive/Ship items you should either post your PO/SO fully, or Invoice first, then Receive/Ship.

hello Ivan,

thanks for help.

I mean if we got on-hand item… then does the sequence correct in account receivable part when we got a new order.