ILE's missing after upgrade to 3.70

We have recently upgraded from 2.60 to 3.70 but have noticed that certain ILE’s are missing in 3.70, seems to be where entry type is sale & document is an invoice, this is now causing problems with reporting, can anyone offer an explaination as to why the upgrade process deleted these entries? Has anyone else expereienced this problem? Thanks in advance for any help. Darran.

Hi Darran, Yes, you are correct. from 3.01 onwards, Item Ledger Entries are not created for Invoice documents (Sales & Purchase) and the upgrade process deletes these from the database. Instead, when you invoice, Item Value Entries are created, and the upgrade process will have generated these for you for historic documents. Item Ledger entries used to serve two purposes: stock movement and cost changes. However this meant that they had to be updated sometimes if there were changes in cost & I believe that this is not allowed in some countries, becuase you lost the original values, so the Item Value Entry table was created & any changes to value is entered there instead. The downside of this is that you will need to look again at your reporting, & try to find where the data you want to see is now held. You will probably have to re-work or re-design the reports. If you go for an upgrade it is usually a good idea to agree with your NSC that they will look at your bespoke objects and reports as well as sthe standard ones as part of the upgrade to make sure that these will work once it is complete.

Yes, the old reports from Item ledger entry will need to be off of Value Entry now…