Identify the Parent and child tables of table relation

Hi All,

Can you please tell me the a methodology to identify the Parent and child tables for a particular Table.

For Eg: I have DirPartyTable, CustTable and SalesTables where CustTable is the Child for DiarpartyTable and CustTable is the Parent for SalesTable. In This Case how will i know for CustTable , list of parent and child tables.

Neither of them is a parent or a child. Every customer (CustTable) is associated with a party (DirPartyTable), which you can see in DirPartyTable_FK relation of CustTable, but they don’t have a parent/child relationship. Examples of children of DirPartyTable are DirPerson and DirOrganization.

Orders also aren’t specialization of customer; they are separate entities associated with one or more CustTable records. Look at relations OrderCustomer and InvoiceCustomer.