Identical line numbers for purchase order lines

strange thing happened to a purchase order in our system. So after it was received in and invoiced, AX generated other duplicated PO lines with the same line numbers. if you look in the picture, you’ll see the duplicated numbers. i understand that PO line numbers are unique and cant be duplicated. It is very strange and don’t know what causes it. does anybody know what would cause this ? TIA.


What is your AX version? The line number on PO line in AX 2012 is not real.
You are only seeing two decimal places?

AX 4.0.
it is real. i changed it to 2 decimal places.
Any ideas what caused it to happen like that ?

Check the other decimal places. Is there a unique index on LineNumber alone in AX 4.0?

the other decimal places look normal. i don’t see one. i’ve tested it. AX will not let you duplicate the line numbers. you can have 1.5, 2.5…but not two lines with same line numbers. this odd case confuses me. i’ve never seen anything like this in AX before.

How those lines are created?

Thanks for reading my post, Kranthi.