IBAN No has wrong format


while saving the form after entering the IBAN No in Bank module it is showing the error " IBAN No has wrong format ". Bank no for this customer is 15 digits, country is UAE. why it is showing error actually IBAN format is correct. Can any body help in this issue?


International Bank Account Number is different from bank account number - you should enter a valid number here

have a look here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Bank_Account_Number

As per the link given by u IBAN no of UAE is 23 digits. It is linked with the Bank Account no.

United Arab Emirates 23 3n,16n AEkk BBBC CCCC CCCC CCCC CCC B = National bank code
C = Account Number
Effective 15 October 2011

I entered the correct IBAN no of 23 digits " AE000260001011058270301 "

Plz help me in How can we trace why the error is coming?

Add a break point here \Classes\Bank\validateIBAN and try to find the reason for error.

Hi Ravi

Don’t update any dummy number. You have to update original IBAN Number to this field and it will accept.