I want to understand flow of printing invoice reports

Can anyone help me explaining of suggesting website to understand flow of invoice journal>print>Reports?

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Could you please elaborate it a little bit? And what’s your version of AX? It’s not the same in AX 3 and AX 2012, for instance.

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Thanks for quick reply as usual.Its AX 2012. I am facing problem in printing field value from table ledgerjournaltable>JournalName and OMOperatingunit>Name on report ‘ledgertransperjournalreport’. I cant find suitable to print so in ledgertransperjournalreport.

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The report LedgerTransPerJournal is based on LedgerTransPerJournaDP class (data provider) and LedgerTransPerJournalTmp table.

Nevertheless I see both JournalName and financial dimensions (including names) in the report, so it’s not clear to me what you need. Note that you have to tick Financial dimensions in the report dialog to see dimensions.