I need help with installation of the Nav2017 language pack (and I think NAV 2018 too).

Hi All.

I think, need help with installation of the Nav2017 language pack (and I think NAV 2018 too).

I have the physical server with Regional Setting Eglish (or German) and I need to have RU-layer. And I need to have PL-layer too.

I downloaded language file from the MS side (it was “main start page” for NAV 2017 without CU) and did all actions from the page “How to: Install Language Modules” (docs.microsoft.com/…/how-to–install-language-modules).

The results:

  • I received ru-RU language folder in the “…\100\RoleTailored Client” for Server only and I can’t install .flm file (from this archive) from Object Designer (received something like …scheme changed…)

  • when I changed the layer to Russian for NAV DEV Environment I received something like “?@?@” for each menu-line?

  • I can’t change the language for NAV 2017 WinClient

and question - does anyone received language correctly? Can you help me with?

P.S. based on received result I can conclude that NAV 2017 is not Unicode-supporter solution


There are several things here that you need to know - first and foremost NAV 2017 IS in unicode, but the sourcecode (ascii) and language files are not. (Microsofts own binary format).

When installing language files then you need to do several things.

You have to copy files both to the Service-tier and to every single client.

You have to import the FLM-file using the development client. But before you can do that you have to do Syncronize and build server objects.

And yes you will get error messages, because the fields in the russian database/polish database etc are not the same in your database - Notice that the import of FLM-files will "f**k up your objects date/time so pay attention to that.

After importing the FLM-file you have to again, compile all objects, Syncronize and build server objects.

(Remember to run the development client as Administrator).

Hello Palle.

Thank you for your answer and I did what you wrote here

Yes, I did it as you wrote [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8] but no luck

I error was on table 3 “Payment Terms” and as you know it is same for almost ALL non-touchable localization and version, right? It is mean it was not a case.

Thanks, but I can’t reach this point…

but thank you again for your help. If you have any more information, please, inform.

BR, Yuriy

Can anyone help me with it? What I set up wrong?

Find the page ID of the profile (in Profiles) and do a design of that page and go into View, Actions, and do a lookup of one of the HomeItem Lines with a View, Properties and test for the CaptionML values…WIthout we are just guessing.

Palle, thank you for your answer.

If you asking about translation of objects - they have RU-translation (scrren just for example):

It is bad that no answers which can help [emoticon:ca08b2c27c2f40e993e89508acf29e0b]