i need help about dataport (importing,exporting )

Hello ,as you can see ,i’m new in Navision i just wannna create a dataport able to: insert modify cancel data in it (also manually) import and export (with confirmation message). i just need the way how to do it? any one who can help, i’ll be greatfull. thanks

Creating a dataport; In the Application Designers Guide is well explained how to create dataports. When you encounter a problem creating this dataport, you can ask an exact question about your problem on this forum. Of course if you haven’t found the answer after using the search-functionality. Now your question is kind of vague, so is not easy to help you… [:(]

Please post in the right forum This is the CRM forum Your post from yesterday is moved to the beginnersforum. Please read the manual and have a look at the (few) exampledataports in navision. You can also search this site or the MiBuso.com site. Good luck!