I need a basic app utilization report for Dynamics for Sales

Why is it so hard for me to find a list of all Licensed Sale users and their activity? I am only looking for user name, records Created, Updated, Deleted info OR all licensed users with last login. I must be missing something… I know I can pull one month of data from Dataverse but I cannot figure out a good way to show leadership basic usage. Who is using the app and who is not?

I would love to find a basic report like this too.
We have tried to do things by like counting contacts, or counting activities but I found that isn’t a real gauge.

If someone knows of a quick or easy way to create a report to just show basic engagement - Please let us know.

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Finding a list of all Licensed Sale users and their activity can be challenging due to data retrieval limitations in Dataverse. While you can pull one month of data, showcasing basic usage and identifying active users is proving difficult. Explore different data analysis approaches or consult the platform’s support for assistance. Keep seeking solutions to track user activity effectively.