I have some requirement for Master Planing in AX 2012 R3


For my master planning if the SO is from a xyz customer i don’t wan run a master planning or if the SO is from a inter company then i dont want to run a master planing .

Any one have experience on how to achieve this ?

Thank you

If the item is for that customer only for special reasons, I would store that item in a warehouse where Master Planning would not recognize the quantities of that item when executing the Master Plan. In the warehouse setting, you can set that warehouse to “Manual”.

thank you but the item is not for single customer … we are looking something on customer level

I will also assume the customer purchases “normally” otherwise just set the default site and warehouse as suggested.

In your process why would planning pick it up? If you are IC you would create the chain, if you want specific for a customer on a PO you would generate the PO or hold stock. I dont understand the reason for the request.