I don’t have a picture of how the ecommerce part is solved in NAV and would like to know if a third party program must be installed? Or is it included in the program? Does anyone have any overall experience?

My main goal is to computerize my clients’ stores. They are mostly small to mid-sized stores needing full functions in inventory management, the basics in sales, purchasing, accounting and flexible and vast reporting tools.
Most important, these stores will be set up on an intranet, each one having an online store for their customers. Also important for me was UTF8 support.
Please help me on this issue.

Sounds interesting. What I think you need add-on as you might want to have credit card transactions facility in NAV as well because you are dealing with online stores. Thanks.

So it wil be a mixture of solutions in your case. Some add-on and some built in functionality. Please keep us posted.

Check out www.dvp.net

It does provides your clients with online stores for thier customers. It comes as a completely integrated e-Commerce for MS Dynamics NAV with ready (customizable) website(s) that are managed entirely from within NAV and shopping cart functionality that takes orders online and transfers them into NAV in real time.