I can not create or update Codeunits!?


I did install Navision 4.00 SP2, and I have problem with creating or oppdating Codeunits

When I try to save my Codeunit so I get the message

You have not permission to create ‘test1’ Codeunit

please contakt your system responsible if you want to change your permissions

I install all in a single PC and the user that I logged on this PC has administator permissions and I can see in my taskmanager that the Navision is runnig by this user.

Is there any one that had the same problem?

Hi, are you using a Developers licence or the Cronus licence? Paul

How can I tell that!?

I did replaced the original license file (CRONUS.FLF) with other license that we got from Microsoft, I believe that they call that for “partner license”.

Hi, goto Tools, Licence Information to see which licence its using…Paul

Ehh are you sure your codeunit number is in 50000-60000?

Most probably you are not using developer licence. Or you dont have enough permissions. Please check all these. To any new object you want to create, you have to give specific id , not any id.

When trying to create a new CodeUnit in Navision, you need to check three things if you want to be able to save it without a permission error.

1/ You must have permissions in the databases to access that code unit. In most cases, users that have permission to modify and create CodeUnits will have the SUPER role, and thus will have permission.

2/ Next your license must allow you access to the full developer tool set. This means that either you have a Partner license, or you have an end user license, and have purchased the appropriate developer tools, or you have an MSDN license.

3/ You must then save the CodeUnit into a number range that you are licensed to use. If you have a partner license then the CodeUnit must be numbered between 50,000 and 99,999. If you have a customer licence and purchased the developers, then you will be able to use 50,000 thru 50,009, or you may have purchased permission to more objects that are in the developer range. If you have an MSDN license then the CodeUnit must be between 1234567800 and 1234567899.

Once you have these three things sorted out you should be able to save the codeunit.

Thank all you for help[:)][:D].

I did get the same help/advise (the range for Codeunit ID) from Microsoft support too.

My problem was in chooice of ID,( wrong range), now I can create Codeunit as soon as i did choosed ID which is bigger then or equal 50000.

Thanks again