i am unable to see filter on the page after running

hello sir,

i have created a page posted sales order and after running this page filter is not there on page what i would have to for showing the filter on the page by this we can filter field according to need.

please share your feedback sir Thankyou.

What type of page is it?

what is the SourceTable used for this page?

Thanks for the reply Mohana sir,

page is of list type and souce table is sales invoice line and i have added a field of table is sales invoice header but now i am running filter is not showing there sir i am using version 2013 R2.

I didn’t understand what do you mean by “Running filter is not showing”

Can you explain clearly or with screenshot?

Sir i mean to say that when i run the page, after running ,in the header part in right side there is a filter where we can filter a field one by one according to need, mean we want to see the data according to which filter at a time . did you get it sir???

otherwise i ll upload screenshot .

so you are not able to see that filter pane, right?

Click Customize this page and set “show filter pane” to true.

yes sir i did this but its not working working that is why i am asking .

Can you show the screenshot…

What type of page are you using? List or ListPart

Thankyou Erik sir for reply

i am using list page ?

Can you check once again in page that Filter Pane is selected or not?


Yes sir i have selected filter pane…

Can you export your page in txt format and attach here?

Thankyou sir.

Problem is resolved.

Can you please share the solution here.

It can help others in future…

Sir it was the little mistake which i did actually i was designing page of type list and in the property it was type of listPart in this type , Pages don’t contain filter pane so after that i went through from starting and change type.