HyperLink to Navision

hi, I tried to open navision via an hyperlink: - Open the customer card - set position to a special customer - Menu “File” → “Send” → Shortcut to Desktop - Keep Navision open - double-click the new Desktop-Shortcut it works fine with Cronus Attain 3.70 over windows 2000 but when i tried to do the same process over windows XP or windows server 2003 i received an “access denied” error message. i got the same message with SQL Database Can you help me please.

you need to use windows login. It doesn’t work with database login.

I am using these kind of shortcuts with Windows XP and database logins and it’s working fine. I guess you should review your local client installations and make sure that your user can access the installation folder…

first, 10x for your help. I tried to use this link with local database and it doesn’t work .i got the same error message (access denied). I’ll try to modify my install and see what’s happening.

Or you could have taken a look at this topic http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11427&SearchTerms=sp2,link. Not that Mibuso.com isn’t ok, but just to show that mbsonline.org also had the answer. [:D]