hyperlink to a folder instead of a file

I have several items that I have a whole bunch of related documents for. They are all stored in specific folders that everyone has access to.

When there is just one related file I put the hyperlink to point to the file, which works well. But for these Items I would like the hyperlink to instead open windows explorer with the proper folder already selected.

any ideas ?

PushAction : RunSystem

RunCommand : explorer.exe c:\Navision (for example)


Now that I have been thinking about this, that does give you a directory but do you want it to dynamically change depending on an item #?

like if you have item# abc123

and you want to see all related docs that are stored in c:\abc123 (for example)

and when you go to item abc999

you want the link to change to bring you to c:\abc999

or does it work for you as it is?

there is always: http://www.mibuso.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9329

This is close, I will have a bunch of part numbers that will all point to one directory, and another bunch that will point to another directory, and so on. We are a heavy duty truck equipment shop, we sell and service transmissions, rear ends, drivelines ect for big rigs ect. So, we may have 50 transmissions that all share similar charateristics, and thus we have developed application guides, parts list, trouble shooting guides, service manuals, ect that apply to that group of transmissions. I was hoping to have a field similar to the home page and hyperlink field, then I could just make each home page point to the appropriate directory.

What I am trying to figure out is just how many different groups I need. If it is less then a dozen or so, I am thinking I will add a tab and just create a dozen different buttons, with the code you have above, one button for each directory.

I do not have the application designer granule and therefor I have no access to cal code in forms, so the other solution you referenced won’t work for us. We could have our solution center program it, but I try to avoid that if possible because of the expense. I have free time so if I can figure a way to do it, I try that first.

I did some testing using the Vendor “Home Page” as an example.

I added to the Item card a field called “Home Page” Text 80.

I added it to my item card so every item can have it’s own lookup.

Added a simple Command Button and on the C/al Code

HYPERLINK(“Home Page”);

In the field Home Page field I put “c:” then “s:” then d:" to test

that’s it and it went to each directory every time I changed it. I see you can’t get to c/al code but it’s as easy as that little code to achive what you need - too bad it’s cost ya $150 or more.

$6.50 a character [8-|]

thanks, that helps a lot, I can save a few emails to my NSC, and since each one cost a 1/4 hour billable time for them to read and respond to, I’ll save a few bucks.

I can now send them a change order request for quote, with the detail of what I want. If I don’t give them an exact description of what I want, then they have to do a needs analysis before they can send a change order qoute to me. and a needs analysis is never cheap.

thanks again.

I was thinking of a workaround for you and one thought would be something like the Crystal Reports request form I posted in another topic.

I’m trying to save you having 10, 15, 20 plus buttons on a tab.

Have one command button that brings up your “Extended Parts Info” report (or whatever you want to call it)

have a request form where you can list all the different files. Since you do have access to the code on reports you can then hyperlink to the desired file by ticking a boolen.

Kind of like shown in the pdf file. Where each choice would pull up the file you need.

and you can organize it anyway you want. Just a thought. But Hyperlink(“Home Page”); kicks ass.



Note- if that Item has one doc you can put the complete link into the Home Page field
or if the item has several docs and you need a directory then that’s what you enter

I guess you could name the field “Doc Location” instead of “Home Page” if you want [;)]