Hyperlink on a report


I want to have hyperlinks on pdf document generated from a dynamics report.
It’s work if i have the full url as text on my report but i want to have just a symbol

How can i do it ?

Is there any condition for hyperlink to be displayed on the report ?

yes, my report is a list of item and i have to put a hyperlink just for few one

You can write a code to print the hyperlink as per you condition or print blank.


If Item.findfirst then


i know how to put or not my link, my problem is that i dont want to print the full url but just a word with the link behind

Have you tried with HTML?

Your Text

No clue if it would work, but always worth a shot.

it’s work if i save my report in html but i lost my page setting, it’s dont work if i print it on my pdf printer

What are you using to generate the PDF? BullZip? PDFCreator? CutePDF? SAVEASPDF? I think the answer is probably different depending on what you are using.

i am using eDocPrinter Pro

In the user guide it seems that you need to use Embedded Commands which requires some licensing and setup options and depends on which version of the product you are using.


I would start with their technical support first as it is really an issue with their software that you are having (not that NAV people might not find it useful).

ok, it’s work with embadded commands (i need upgrade may version)
i would start by this
thanks for help