HYPERLINK function


I’m using the hyper link in NAV 2013 for making rest calls, how can i stop IE/Chrome from opening and just display a message saying done

Many thanks

Hey Lee,

Hyper link is used to open any respective address either you are trying to open with the Windows Explorer or with the HTTP Service and it all depends what you are passing it in Params.

Hyperlink(‘E:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application’ + X);

This code will always search for X file within the given specified Path but it will always invoke this path,

HYPERLINK(‘http://www.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&saddr=Your address here+your “Source ZIP Code” here+your city here&daddr=‘ + “Source Address”+’ ‘+ “Source Address 2″+ ‘ ‘+ “Source ZIP Code”+ ‘ ‘+ “Source City”);

This Code will search for the “Source Address”+’ ‘+ “Source Address 2″+ ‘ ‘+ “Source ZIP Code”+ ‘ ‘+ “Source City” on the Google Map but will have to invoke Google.com.

You cant stop the browser to open. Custom Message will get displayed if you have written something after Hyper-link code but you cant stop it to open.


Blog - https://rockwithnav.wordpress.com/

Thank you for response i will look into consuming of external rest as opposed to just calling the url

A bit of research led me to this


Great blog post on how to conusme rest service, but instead of consuming, just have no output (even thou i did consume in the end)

Yes and it’s much better to avoid using HYPERLINK in your code, as it cannot be automated (runs directly on client).