hwo to set up Generate From Template?

Several places in AX 2012 there is a button labeled “Generate From Template” in the Attachments section of the toolbar. I see it on the main Customers screen, Purchase Order Screen and the Sales Order Screen too.

I have defined an excel template for customer creation in bulk. And want to use “Generate From Template” option to provide provision to the user to create multiple customer records.

Can someone suggest how this can be achieved?

Go to Organization administration > Setup > Document management > Document types and create a type with Class = Template library. Set Document library (at the very bottom of the form) to a SharePoint folder containing templates, synchronize and activate them.

Thnx for reply

Can you provide any link on this?

i am trying to import customer data from XL template to validate it as well.

This can help you, http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg723967.aspx

i have same problem , can’t i do import with generate from template option, i am very new to dynamics ax ,so can you please explain , what is the use of this option and is it possible to import data with validation through it?And as per my understanding offcie addis have so many limitation while importing , thats why i also dnt want to use office addins.

“Generate from template” is obviously used to generate documents, not for importing data. You can, though, use the generated document to import data if it uses a service as its data source. That requires the Office add-in, of course.

If you want another way to import data, check Data Migration Framework.

ok,but we have import option in Organization administration->Set up->Document Management ->Documents Types->import/Export , so how we can use this option??

That’s used to transfer your setup of document types from one AX installation to another.

ok,thank you so much for the iformation:)

We want to print welcome letter to our customers, on registration. For this purpose, our organization have Welcome New Customer template defined. Can i use document template to print welcome letter such that AX uses the Welcome New Customer template created in word and adds the customer account, name, phone, email, address information from customer form in AX.

What will be the outcome, will AX fill customer information in word template and generate welcome letters automatically or not?
Or AX template does not serve this purpose?

Regards, Faisal