Hi Experts,

I need to know about HWND , i searched through varoius sites but it is not understandable for me. Do the needful.

It’s a window handler used in Windows API; it’s not anything AX-specific.

Yes, I need explanation briefly,

void hWnd(Form form)


Args args;

FormRun formRun;

int handle;


args = new Args(“ATTPracticeForm”);


// Create the run-time form.

formRun = classfactory.formRunClass(args);



handle = formRun.hWnd();


What is the difference for normal formRun and formRun.hWnd() ?

It makes no sense to name all differences between two completely unrelated things.

formRun contains a reference to an instance of the FormRun class in Dynamics AX.

hWnd() returns a number representing the native window handler.

One thing is about AX development. The other is about how Windows OS manages windows.