Hungarian notation

Hello All, I have a few questions with regards to programming style. Does any one use Hungarian notation for programming Business logic in C\AL? And how do you like your IF statement to look? IF A = 1 THEN __B := 1; or IF A = 1 THEN B := 1; and IF A = 1 THEN __B := 1 ELSE __B := 0; or IF A = 1 THEN BEGIN __B := 1; END ELSE BEGIN __B := 0; END; Regards

Hungarian notation is generally not used in standard Navision. There are very, very few places where Navision employed hungarian notation. But it is quite used by everyone else who writes code in Navision (NSC’s, end-users, etc.). It’s more of a company or maybe even personal habit than a question of guidelines. I, myself avoid it and try instead to produce code which looks as similar as possible to the standard stuff. Applying the same logic (Navision-like) to the IF statements, they would look like: IF A= 1 THEN B := 1; IF A = 1 THEN B := 1 ELSE B := 0; IF A= 1 THEN BEGIN B := 1; C := 1; END ELSE BEGIN B := 0; C := 0; END;