Human Resource am not able to create new worker due to continue button is not enable


In Human Resource I am not able to create new worker due to continue button is not enable

Please advise.



Uncheck Assign a position check-box or Select a Position to Continue

Hi Kiran

Thanks for your reply but still the continue button is not enabled

continue button is not enable


is there any Customization done ?

may look logic less but try this.

change your system date setting to DD/MM/yyyy if that doesn’t work try DD/mm/yy. pls let me know the result.

Also, let us know which version you are on.

Hi Vinoth

No its standard AX.

Hi santhosh,

Even after changing Date its not working.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Kernal version: 6.2.1000.4051

Application version: 6.2.1000.4051

I see extra fields Personnel action number, Personnel action type. I haven’t seen them so far in Workers form. Are they customized or latest inclusion in CU7? Can you please confirm.

Also why do you fill those fields? Are they mandatory??

Kiran, Good observation. But, that’s not customization… comes with personal actions configuration key.

Nijin, did you enable personal actions key intentionally?

  • check the personal action number sequence is set in HR parameter.

After which, try creating new employee…ensure that personal action number is filled in. Alternatively you can try setting the personal action number manually then I think continue button should get enabled.

Santhosh, What you said is correct , Nijin created the personal actions types for create new worker.

Nijin, Please cross check the personal action types - HR → Setup → Actions . either disable the personal actions or configure it properly.

Nijin , You can disable all the personal actions at system level.

Go to System administration – > License configuration → Human resource 1 – remove personal actions section.

Please let me know , the feedback…


Hi Anas

I have Disabled the personal actions at system level and its working, i am able to create new worker



Thank you all for helping to solve this issue :slight_smile:




You can disable the personal actions key only if it is unintentionally activated. So, ensure that before you proceed to deactivate that config key.

Try generating a number sequence for the personnel actions. This will enable the Continue Button. This is if you intend to keep the Personnel Actions running.



The personnel action number can’t be manually entered.

You must have a number sequence created, and selected in the HR Shared parameters.