html out of navision

Hello, I have the problem, that html-files e.g. Order-Responses from navision cannot be sent to a customer by eMail. The look of these documents is very bad. The fields are not in the right columns etc. Is there anybody, who knows what I can do?

When you write the reports if you have used non standard column widths within a column or moved the fields around they will not line up. The reason for this is that Navision converts the reports to tables and puts each control on the reports in a cell. If you line everything up you can get it to produce reports properly. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Criterion Technology Pty Ltd P:+61-2-9436-0436 F:+61-2-9436-1004

Hi, This problem occurs only with general alignment. (Text - Right, Numbers - Left). If you will align it right or Left you will not have this problem. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Any volunteer who want to go through all the Navision standard reports and line up everything ? :slight_smile: I had similar alignment problems on standard (non customised!) Navision reports when I was using the Save As HTML feature. Navision A/S should either get rid of this function or fix it.