HRMVirtualnetworkhistorytable - where is the data in DAX2009?

Already posted this to the technical forum, thought it might be useful to drop it here also.

We have approx 32,000 rows of data in our hrmvirtualnetworkhistory in DAX4. As AX2009 does not have ths table and Microsoft does not seem to offer any specific guidance or script on how to migrate the hrmvirtualnetwrokhistory data to new location in 2009 I am very interested to know how others handled this question.

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Tolu Koya replied on 01-24-2011 12:06

Hi Chris,

One thing I can say (and I hope it helps) is that HRMVirtualNetworkHistory in Ax4 is now HRMVirtualNetworkTable in Ax2009.

Hi Tolu

Thanks for the input.; the HRMvirtualNetworkTable already exists in DAX4 and there is virtually no difference between DAX4 and 2009 with regards to this table. In DAX 4 the HRMvirtualnetworkhistry table has (or can have, and in our case does have) multiple records per employee in the same data area id. We store position history and virtually all our records have multiple records (transactions) . This HRMvirtualnetworkhistory table is gone in 2009 so the data from it must be dispersed to other tables, only MS give no guidance on this that I can find.

Even comparing a vanilla version of DAX4 to vanilla 2009 - DAX3 has an affiliation button where users hire and move employees and theese actions create hrmvirtualnetworkhistory (in vanilla the history is positoin / org unit and factor - not somethign I look forward to losing or re-building with zero guidance from MS).