HR&Payroll Setup

Hi… I am unable to genrate the paysilp or salary amount for an employee. But i have already done the initial setup like PF,ESI etc. And also i have created new pay-elements like BASIC etc. But still the gross amount is zero. This initial setup what i have done is in accordance with the neogyn’s HR & Payroll pdf. And this is about Indian payroll system. So can anybody help me or give some tips on this as i am running out of time. Thanks in advance, Vikas

Hi Vikas, I have no idea on how Your Indian payroll-system works, but i would start by back-tracking from the Gross-amount field. Do you have a Demo-DB that works? If so You could use the debugger to locate when/where the Gross-amount is calculated. regards Alexander

no i dont have it…i have a fresh database

Sorry I can’t help. Try calling NeoGyn, they must have some sort of support-org. Or perhaps You should try the End-User Questions-forum.

Few things to check… 1) Pay elements defined for employee. 2) Employee’s LAST PAY REVISION DATE and Employee Pay elements STRUCTURE DATE has to be same. If you have this THINGS already in place but still not getting salry output then better debug codeunit “33000007” Monthly Pay Process. Hope this helps.

i am able to get some data but i think its of no use. like…if the basic salary is 20000 and pf is 12% then i get gross amount as 1000[:D] so still i am in the same p’blm

Hi Can you broadly tell me what steps and setup have you done , so that I can guide you further , as I 've already implemented Indianised Payroll, so think i will be able to help you out. Maneet

Dear Vikas I have Implemented the PAyroll earlier I ahve also send a mail about the detail setup of PF. Ia hve also checked the problem of basic 20000 & pf 12 %. & result is OK. In Employee Card in PAyroll detail TAb pls check it out. that u have marked on Entitled for PF * pf % is 12. Pla also check & tell me what is ur latest pay reveision date & pay structure date. & important point that whether u have marked in payelement setup that PF is dependent on basic. pls check it & mail me the details. thanks ashish bhardwaj

hi… sorry i was late to respond. anyways thanks for ur help now the payroll calculation is ok. but i am not understanding one thing… In HR & Payroll->periodic activities->pay year-> we have got these many options… 1. Financial Year 2. Leave Year 3. Assessment Year 4. Bonus Year 5. PF Year 6. ESI Year but i am unable to find the pay year option in the setup…but its there in object designer. So is it ok…if setup doesnt contains pay year option.