howto fix "The Object Metadata does not exist. Identification fields and values: Object Type='Page',Object ID='90002' " error?

i am using nav 2009 r2,

when i was creating simple Page and run it show above error and moreover other built in page works fine, it runs without any error. i have tried many effort like removeing sql server and nav etc but i faied.

plz help me to get out of this problem.

thank you.

Hello Hardik,

Just compile the table “Object Metadata” and run the page again what you created.

Is your page is complied ?

I suggest try to delete the record for that object from object metadata table and compile the page again and try

If that not work also then take backup of that object and delete the object and import it again and try

Hope this will help you.

can you tell me how to compile the table “Object Metadata” ?


simply press “F11” then ok.

Select the object and press f11 key

i have tried both compile and deleting and import object but still error is not solved…

plz help me out.

thank you…