How we can cancel the posted picking list journal


there a way to cancel all the production picking list have batch number in the picture

because we have user’s problem he/she did not unchecked the auto post picking list now in the start

now the system generate all item have batch number, how we can cancel or remove all of that it’s already posted

Reset the production order status and it will post a reverse picking list.

all of that is already posted sir we cannot reset this one… their another way?

Well if you have already posted production and are not willing to reset it and then re-run it through you need to manually create reversing pick journals for each posted journal and then manually create pick journals to consume the actual stock.

it’s ok our actual stock did not consume only in the system… our problem how to delete all auto generate of the system if you take a look in the picture from PDJ000844 to 00067 i want to delete all of that.

You cannot delete, they are posted stock transactions, your choice is to reset teh status of production to the point it automatically reverses them or to manually do this individually.

how to manually this individually can you show me step by step…