How we can cancel batch order?

Hi all,
we use process manufacturing method for our production and manufacturing. Based on Ax system when we create a Batch order first of all we must choose an item number and after the production reported as finished, in reality we must produce and have a product with that item number.
In fact, in our factory sometimes we plan to produce the item but after production we have another item. This is happened cause of our production are just difference in grade, thickness and something like this. or in another word, our productions are different in attributes.
I use the example to say that what exactly happen in our production.
We want to produce item number with the thickness of 0.3, and the item with the thickness in range of 0.3-0.35 have the same item number. But when the item produced we have production with the thickness of 0.29 and the other attribute are the same as first item number that we want to produce. But cause of thickness we now produce another item number.
After these things happened, we want to cancel the batch order. There is some solution but there are not good enough to use.

  1. Reset the production order status to created and delete it.
    We don’t want to use this solution because it puts the raw material back into inventory. And there is no more raw material and it changes.
  2. Complete the production order status and dispose of the quantity in a movement journal.
    We don’t want to report as finished this production, because the product that is ended is not really produce.
    And after all of that we want to record this things that we have production and canceled it.

Do you have any solution for canceling batch order in AX?


We can’t cancel the batch order, as like in case of purchase orders. So we have to continue with the batch order and assign batch attribute based on the quality output, than either go for rework or rejection( if in your case) and do report as finished with the error quantity and end the batch order. In this way we can track the batch order with the error quantity & costing.

Hope this will help you.