How we calculate Min/Max in Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Actually we have thousands of line items in stock and we want to set up min/max qty of items level. Right now we are updating min/max qty manually (after detail calculation in excel sheet).

Is there any provision in MS Dynamics Ax to calculate (on the basis of some formulation) min/max and update the min/max qty in a one go. Calculation will be vary on the basis of issuance and on the same time min/max will also revise/update.

The Maximum is a storage constraint so these should not move unless you re-size. Personally I never use Min/Max unless there is a significant business case (service engineer vans etc). I would use Period or Requirement with a minimum.

Because the Max is space related you HAVE to alter this manually.

The safety stock journal will suggest minimums based upon usage and factors/service level.

I think you didn’t pick my point of concern. Let me tell you in detail. On the basis of demand min/max qty must update automatically (on the basis of some formulation). It is very difficult for any individual to update each and every part min/max manually on every monthly or quarterly basis. Yes if there is any item is going to add in system (new item) then at that level you can update man/max qty. Or when you are going to change any part status (Non-Stock to Stock) then system must ask and user must update min/max.

Due to some sources limitation of this utility that’s why I can’t share with you working sheet that will help you understand my point of concern.

If the stock item is less than manually upate min/max is possible but in our case there are thousands of line item and mutiple of supplier. There is must some auto base (based of formula) update min/max qty after issuance.



I believe you did not understand the answer I gave. Look at the safety stock journal - this is the only way to “automatically” update the minimum levels (safety stock trigger point) based upon usage and formulas.

Maximum quantity is not related to demand. Maximum ORDER quantity and Minimum ORDER quantity are order modifiers that impact on the suggested supply and are controlled based upon the ordering parameters placed on a business by suppliers and is not related to demand.