how to

hello every, pls iam just very new to navision, i work in a manufacturing firm, i wish to know how to prepare payroll, post reports and more



Hi and welcome to forum,

Payroll is not a standart part of Navision, this differs very much from country to country. First one to ask for a training is the MS Partner company, who implemented the Navision solution (and obviously the Payroll AddOn, too) in your firm, if there aren’t already colleagues who have had training and thus help you.

The same with the “and more” part of your question.

PS Although I as Moderator can tell from where are you from, you yourself haven’t disclosed this info, and I respect your privacy.
Nevertheless, it would be easier for forum members to give you advice if they knew at least the country - in any given country there are only a couple or so of Payroll solutions available, so knowing it would allow other members from your region to help you, as they use the same Payroll AddOn.

thanks so much for ur concern and briefing, Iam from Nigeria and i have in my computer NAV 4.0

I just need to startup using NAV. any assistance from you will be so much appreciated , cos this will enable me to get a ggod NAV job