How to write a resource file (.resx) in X++ ?


I have to write a resource “.resx” file in X++. The requirement is to read labels from SysModelElementLabel table in AX 2012 and then write a resource file containing all the fetched labels. Then this resource file will then be used by an HTML5 application.

Does anyone know how to write .resx file in X++?


.resx is based on XML, therefore you can generate it from X++ as any other XML, if you want. Nevertheless it may be easier in .NET, where you can even use ResXResourceWriter class.

I have written a job using the ResXResourceWriter class in .NET. You can see the screenshot below. I just want to ask you that am I heading in the right direction?

If it works (I believe so), your direction is good. :slight_smile: Just don’t forget to dispose the writer.

A simple solution for seemingly a complex probelm :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin!