How to use SysMultiTableLookup in Dynamics 365 Fo

How to use SysMultiTableLookup in Dynamics 365 Fo?

I saw in the forum that there is an XPO file, but I don’t know how to import XPO files in D365 Fo

If you insist on using SysMultiTableLookup, you’ll have to add it by yourself.
But maybe you don’t need it. For example, you could create a view and use this view in the regular SysTableLookup.

I think I should encounter such a need often, I want to use this class to avoid creating too many views, but I don’t know how SysMultiTableLookup can be added to Dynamics 365 fo

If you have an .xpo, open it in a text editor and remove the extra # and such things. Then create a class in F&O, paste code there and upgrade it if needed.


After I copied the code of the xpo file to a class, I successfully displayed the fields in the two tables, but there is still a problem, how can I hide the part in the red box of the picture

It’s great that your problem with SysMultiTableLookup has been resolved.
But your last question seems to be about a different topic and therefore it doesn’t belong here. Please create a new thread (with an appropriate title and tags) and explain your problem in detail there.


I’ve created a new thread, let’s continue the discussion here