How to use Request page as Request form while running the reports?


In the Classic view, I was using Request Form while running the reports. I used to make a global variables to filter the data within my own range.

Now I am using RTC of Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, so I need to use the Request Page. But while using the Request page, the page does not appear in the RTC.

So please kindly tell me how to use the Request Page for filtering the data for the report!

What do you mean by page doenot appear?

Did you define a request page in the report design throught View > Request Page? Parallel to the Request Form? (Or used the Form Transformation Tool to do that for you.)


I had used Request Page, from View… I didn’t use any tools for page transformation…

While using the Request Page, I had put some fields (global variables), but these was not shown while running the report as Request form used to be visible while running the report!

Can you show us the screenshot of request page.

also check base reports how request page is created…

Hi Elisha,

Have a look at the standard reports How they have use request page

e.q Report No 106

You will get a fair idea