How to use lookupMode on page?

Hi All.

I know there is a property in the form to control if display the ok/cancel button when the list form is called by the other form (such as FORMVARIABLE.RUNMODAL) But when the list page is called by the other page how to control ok button to let it display ?

i.e. in card page there is an action with the code : IF ListPage.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK THEN …

I found the opened page have not the ok button.

Any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Each form / page has a property called LOOKUPMODE.

So you would do MyFormVariable.LOOKUPMODE := TRUE;

Then do the IF MyFormVariable.RUNMODAL = ACTION::LookupOK THEN…

Yes, you are exactly right.

I have resolved the issue.

Thank u very much. I have still many roads to pass.