How to use ItemIdcompany field in InterCompany functionality

Hi everyone,

I am trying to access the itemid from one company(say Company A) to the related Company Item from another company(say Company B).

In company A, for Item A001, I attach, itemIdCompany A1.

In company B, for item B001, I attach, itemIdCompany B1.

So how to relate the item A001 of company A to B001 of company B.

I dont understand the setup for that.

The table InventTableCompany, is storing data per company, so the data in that is company dependent.

So, how Axapta, checks the data for CompanyItem from one company to another.

may be my assumption or setup is wrong, so any idea will be appreciated…

Thanks in advance…

I’d like to know how to works AX with “Company Item” field, too.



For that you need to setup AIF. (End points, Action Policies , constraints etc.) if you are creating a new company - you can see in CEU company all these setup are being done.(you can see the AIF setup in that company).

After that create an item A001 in company A and create a company item B001 and attach it to the company item field

and now go to functions - click “Create item in company” where you can select the company B by checking include check box.

then it will automatically create B001 item in the company B.