How to use dot net dll files in ax 2012

Hi All,

I have dll files those are developed by dot net resource, now i need to consume those dll files in AX 2012. Can you please let me know how the procedure is?


Check this

but do i need to open those dll files in Visual studio and then add to AOT. or can i directly place dll files into client and server path.

You can deploy manually the assemblies into folder VSAssemblies

You can add the assembly to client and/or server bin folder and add a reference to AOT (AOT > References). Then you can use public types defined in your assembly through .NET Interop to X++. You need the assembly on client to get X++ code compiled correctly.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reply, if i take AOT>Reference that dll file will be transfer to Server. then in client place do i need to add dll one more time manually. And using that dll i need to pass sales order information based on dates. Can u please let me know this one also.



Adding References it’s only a way to “link” those assemblies into AOT and compiler. You still need to drop those files into AOT server.

Like Martin mentioned, you also need to those assemblies in client to make a proper compilation.