How to use comparaison date formula or comparaison period formula in Sales analysis report

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I have a report (Sales analysis report) that needs to be executed daily but I am looking in a column “MTD Volume” to have only accumulated volumes achieved in the current month.

I need your help to know how to use comparaison date formula or comparaison period formula to solve my issue.

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Good morning Pajus,

As you only wish to run this report based on the current month you do not need to enter any values into the Comparison Date or Comparison Period fields.

When running the report just enter in the date range that you wish to run the report for i.e 01/01/2014…31/01/2014.

You would only use the Comparison Period formula, when there are multiple columns in the report i.e. MTD Volume and Previous MTD Volume. In this example the Previous MTD Volume column would have a value in the Comparison Period formula of -1P

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Thank you James but this report is a daily report in which we need to have MTD volume and MTD previous volume.

For example in filter date we can enter 02/27/2014 in Daily Volume we will have a volume for that day and in MTD volume we wish to have the volume cumulative volume starting at 02/01/2014 to 02/27/2014.

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Given the limitations of the functionality you your option appears to be to setup as per below. NOTE this means the MTD will be to the end of the month.



Thank you James,

I did the same thing but in comparaison Period I put 1P and I had only transaction for the current month like I wish (MTD quantity) Thank.

In addition, how can I use this formula (MTD quatity * Nbre of day) / Nbre total of day in the month

where the Nbre of day is the Day(Filter Date) for example Nbre of day for 04/28/2014 is Day(04/28/2014)=28

Thanks for your feedback

You will not be able to do that formula, the Nbre of Days is not a value that you can report on in the Sales Analysis report.

You might want to consider reviewing the Jet Reports product as this provides extra functionality (