How To Use Blocked Field??

dear user,

i am using navision 2013 i have added the blocked field in the table as a boolean,now i want the blocked values not to be shown on order page but the values should be shown on the table??

set filter on page for blocked is no

Set Visible value of the Blocked field to No. in the property.

Then the field will not be visible on the page.

see in this image blocked is ticked but it is still showing the data on the page,i don’t want the page where boolean blocked is ticked.

Did you tried Amol’s solution ?

You need to write code to filter the records or set the filter property on the page.

yes i tried,Actually i wrote this code on On validate Of blocked

IF Blocked THEN


Thank u Amol Sir & Manish Sir the issue has been resolved [:)]…on open page i have put this code


and it worked

This you would have also achieved by setting the SourceTableView property of the page.