How to use BIGTEXT variable to export a picture?

Anyone knows how to resolve this Navision 4 question?


Scenario: You would like to export item information about item number 70102 from Navision to an XML document. The information in the XMLPort should be include the following: item number, description, picture. Your task include the following: 1. Create an XMLPort with tags to export the item number, description, and picture from item table. 2. In the code for the picture tag, write the code to: - Calculate the BLOB Pic field in the Item table (using CALCFIELDS function) - Create an instream object (using CREATEINSTREAM function) - Read the instream into the bigtext variable (using READ function)

Also in the OnInitXMLport trigger of your XMLPort, filter the Item Table to only item 70102 using a SETRANGE and FIND. Please help since I am really confuse and stuck on these. [B)] I have export and got the picture is empty in the .xml… Thanks a lot before. Jemmy

You could use the functions in the Navision provied automation server: ‘Commerce Gateway BTS Access Client’.Base64 This gives you the fucntionality to encode and decode a picture using base64.

But is possible to store images in XML files?