How to use Beyond Compare Tool


how to decide which code merge using Compare tool in time of database migration.

Hi Akkrahul,
I prefer and have using Araxis Compare the last 15 years, but Beyond Compare is also good.

But it depends what you need to use it for. I’ve never been using it for data migration, but don’t you mean application code upgrades?

And when I do upgrades, then I use Only use the compare tools to support this process from within Mergetool. The actual compare/merge is done by mergetool.
Or that was how I have been doing the last many years. After NAV 2013 R2 I’m mostly using Microsoft’s standard tools for doing it (PowerShell).

Thanks Erik
Have a nice day…

first,thanks to reply , i want to compare nav 2009 databse so which merging tool best for me. please explain how to use these tool. can you suggest some link please.

If you like to learn to use mergetool, then go here:

That explains you how to use install it, use it etc. I also think [mention:40c9ada0573249f9ae09277a65bb99f9:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] made a few videos on YouTube about it.