How to use AOS COM Connector

hi all i have a situation now – 1.A client is using inhouse developed software. 2.Database is Oracle. 3.its a web based application running on NT Server. Now the issue is , that the clients want to install & implement Axapta - for G/L, AR & AP, bank , FA covered. He will install at 1 st stage axapta in only one office and wants following things. 1.Users will use the WEB Application for all transactions. 2.The data goes to Oracle. 3.Axapta should pick the data from that database & should process it. I am thinking of following solution 1.We install Axapta 3 tier , use AOS which will be on the same server (webserver) where the web based applications runs. 2.Use the com connector in the web based application and modify it to use AOS com connector so that the data is flowed into the database through axapta only and this will solve the synchronization issues. This is what i think. Please do fell free to have any suggestions & guidence or a complete solution on such situation with best regards vaibhav pednekar