How to use a MDF file


On the Navision CD, there is a MDF file included with the Navision Demo. I was wondering how I can use this file without installing the client including the MSDE?

I’m not sure what are you trying to achieve… MDF is DB ready to attach to MSSQL…

Tried that, but when I do that it is specifying a data and a log file in a different physical location than mine. And even if I update the location of the data file to where the MDF file is and removes the specification of the log file, then it gives me an error.

I attached it succesfully (right now, just for a test…)

It does says that there is no LOG file, but when you press Ok, it simply creates new LOG file with an warning…

Though, my MSSQL installation is on a local machine and is simple one with default settings…

What version are we talking about? (this one was 4.0, no SPs, localized)

I have never actually tried to do this, and in fact after I install Navision its the first thing I delete. I have always created a new SQL db and restore the backup. As far as I can see its only purpose is so that users can install a demo database on MSDE.

There should be a sql script on the product cd that prepares the SQL Server instance for the mdf file. I don’t know where it would be, but it must be there. Look for files with a .sql extension.